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...but very handsomely so's Journal

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
1:06 pm

*wakes up and finds room empty*

*gets up, walks over to the bathrooms, takes a shower, dresses, walks into the commonroom*

*sees Remus at a table and sits down opposite of him*

How much longer do you have to work on that?

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12:17 pm

Somehow I doubt that staying awake all night is good for the fur.

And never leave your fire burning if you intend to sleep in. *frowns*

*pokes Padfoot who is still sleeping*

I guess I should go on with that essay for Potions now that I am awake.

current mood: tired

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5:48 am

*yawns* - *stretches*

What a wonderful sunday morning... and I haven't slept a minute...

*glances at Moony*

current mood: exhausted

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